5 Excel Tips You Need to Know for Efficient SEO and PPC


As a professional in the world of digital marketing, there’s no doubt that you have used Microsoft Excel especially in keeping track of analytics and campaign activities. You may have been using it for years or someone taught you how to do things, but you may not be using this powerful tool to its fullest. If you’re frustrated that some tasks are too cumbersome or repetitive, there’s always a way to become more efficient especially with Excel.

So, if you’re interested, here are five Microsoft Excel tips that you need to know to be more efficient in your SEO and PPC campaigns.

1. The Find and Replace Functions

The problem here is that although the basic Microsoft Office Find and Replace features works, they can take more time than you’d want. The solution to this is to start using the SUBSTITUTE formula. If you insert this easy formula, you will be able to speed up the time it takes Excel or you to find and replace the values you want. As a bonus, you can also do this for multiple values simultaneously and even designate the order in which it should be done. The formula for this is:

SUBSTITUTE(A1,”original value”,”replacement value”)

2. Capitalization

The problem with this is that when keywords are imported from titles or tools via concatenation, each world can end up in all lowercase letters, yet you know a title case is needed. The solution for this is to use the PROPER formula. In just a few strokes of your keyboard, you can have it display all of the data in title case. The formula for this is:


3. Extra Spaces

When looking to import data into your spreadsheet, you can get extra spaces being added to the keywords or other data that you have. The solution for this is to use the TRIM formula. This function will let users identify which cells Excel should scan and get rid of all of the unnecessary spaces, before or after phrases or between words. The formula for this is:


4. Combining Values into a Single Cell

The problem with this is that keyword research would often find you looking to combine values from numerous cells into one cell, and you don’t want to do all this manually. The solution is to use the CONCATENATE formula. You may have used the standard formula which lets you concatenate information coming from two cells into one, yet there’s a shorter version. The formula for this is:


5. Match Type

Manipulating your match type value can take up a lot of your time when analyzing campaigns. The solution for this is to use multiple match type formulas. Excel lets you search by exact match, phrase match or broad match modifier. The formulas for these are:

For exact match:                      =”[“&TRIM(A1)&”]”

For phrase match:                   =””””&TRIM(A1)&””””

For broad match modifier:   =”+”&SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A1),””,”+)

Although these aren’t all of the function for a more efficient SEO and PPC, these five will no doubt give you the advantage over other marketers. Take advantage of all the help you can get so you can stay ahead!